Frequently asked questions about the Harbour Sports Grille:

Do you do delivery/ take out?
Take out is available from open to close.  Delivery we do through orderit.ca 

What are your hours?
We are open:

Monday   11:30AM-1AM
Tuesday    11:30AM-1AM
Wednesday  11:30AM-1AM
Thursday  11:30-2AM
Friday   11:30-2AM
Saturday  11AM-2AM
Sunday   11AM-midnight
Do you take reservations?
Yes, call us at 416-367-4999

What sports do you show on TV?
We have everything from hockey and basketball to golf and fishing.; we show everything from boxing and UFC to curling and poker.  Your desired viewing will be satisfied at the Harbour Sports Grille. 

Can we book a party there?
We gladly take reservations for parties and will pay personal attention and details regarding your party.  For more specific inquiries call 416-367-4999. 

Will I bump into a sports figure here?
It’s a very good possibility — especially after home games! 

What do you have on tap?
We have 13 beers on draught: Stella, Guiness, Strongbow, Hoegaarden, Grasshopper, Samual Adams, Amsterdam Blonde, Keiths, Keiths Red, Blue, Bud and Bud Light.

Do you have a patio?
We sure do! 

How late is the kitchen open?
Our kitchen is open until 2AM every day.

 What kind of food do you serve?
Eclectic food selection — everything from Italian pizza and pasta dishes to Asian stirfrys.  We also serve your traditional cheese burgers, wings and fish and chips.

Do you have HD?
Yes, we do!

Do you have WiFi?
Yes, so come on in!

Where can I sit?
Call ahead of time and book a booth, a table or the couches in our lounge.

What would you recommend?
We are famous for our homemade pizzas — but we have everything from delicious Asian stirfrys to super tasty wings!