Soup of the Day  Ask your server what the soup of the day is! $5.29
The Lunch Burger A 6oz prime rib burger served with fries, soup or salad $9.89
Lunch Stirfry

A smaller version of our classic chicken or veggie stirfry served on rice or chow mein noodles in a funky wok!  

(Sauce choices: Teriyaki, Asian sesame, Szechwan)

Single Fish and Chips One piece of golden battered fish served with fries and tartar sauce $8.39
Lunch Chicken Fingers Three seasoned, breaded chicken fingers served with fries, soup or salad $9.29
The B.L.T.C. Sandwich Crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and cheddar served on texas toast with your choice of fries, soup or salad $9.29
Personal Pizza with Salad

A mini version of our homemade pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and a choice of 2*toppings served with a side house salad.
*TOPPING CHOICES: pepperoni, ground beef, strip bacon, peameal bacon, green peppers, red peppers, red onions, mushrooms

Teriyaki Skewers Two juicy prime rib skewers wrapped in bacon served on a bed of rice drizzled with teriyaki sauce $9.89


All lunch menu items available Monday to Friday, 11AM to 4PM