Asian Stir Fry  
Tossed with fresh veggies in
one of our three delectable sauces:  
Teriyaki, Spicy Szechwan or
Sweet Asian Sesame, served with
steamed rice or chow mein noodles. 
Chicken or Prime Rib  $14.99
Veggie  $11.99 

Crispy Beef 
Stir fried beef with broccoli in a
tangy Thai sauce.  Served
with a bowl of steamed rice
on the side.

A huge serving of homemade
nachos baked with our three
cheese blend, finished with
crisp lettuce, marinated tomatos,
jalapenos, sour cream and salsa.  
Great for sharing!
Chicken or Beef  $18.99 
Veggie  $14.99
Double your Chicken, Beef or Cheese $3.99

Potato and cheddar dumplings
smothered in sauteed onions,
bacon and a blend of melted
cheeses then topped with
sour cream and green onions.

One pound of mussels steamed
in a spicy white wine tomato
broth or a fresh herb cream sauce,
served with homemade garlic bread.

Chicken Finger Dinner 
Crispy breaded tenders served
with a spicy plum sauce
and French fries.

A spicy flour tortilla filled with
jalapeno jack cheese, sweet
red onions and salsa. Served
wtih sour cream and salsa on the side.
Chicken or Prime Rib  $12.49
Veggie  $10.59

Fish and Chips  
Two cod filets in a light and crisp
batter served with French fries
and homemade tarter sauce.

Tossed in your choice of sauce.
Enjoy the city\'s best: mild, medium,
hot, suicide, honey garlic, BBQ, cajun
or try our foolish sauce,
but don\'t say we didn\'t warn you!
Small Wings (10) $11.99
Wings & Fries (10) $14.49
Large Wings (15) $16.79
Wings Platter (50) $49.99